Wilson Partitions is committed to preserving the environment in which we operate. Wilson Partitions and Arcadia, Inc. work to conserve energy, water, and raw materials and to recycle and reduce waste where possible.

We are good neighbors in our communities by ensuring that our facilities and operations do not pose unreasonable safety or environmental risks.

Over the past several years our efforts have practically eliminated hazardous waste from being generated at our finishing and fabricating facility.

Also, any waste that is not classified as hazardous but still contributes to local landfills is recycled whenever possible. Some of our efforts include:
  • 37,500 pounds of aluminum scrap is recycled per month. This program has been in place since 1985. Thus, we have recycled over 10 million pounds of aluminum scrap!
  • 450 pallets reused per week
  • 6 pallets recycled per week
  • 20,000 pounds per month of paper and cardboard is recycled

Indoor Air Quality

Interior finishes have a dramatic effect on indoor air quality and resource consumption. Wilson Partitions offers safe and durable products that have low environmental impact during installation, use, and maintenance.

With an in-house paint line system, we are able to keep track of our environmental impact and we have the flexibility to change products and procedures. Our factory applied paint finishes include a solvent flash-off area which destroys 99.3-percent of Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs.

100-percent of VOCs are captured from the product!

Factory-applied finishes contribute less VOCs than field applied finishes.