Company Profile


Wilson Partitions offers interior aluminum architectural systems that allow architects and designers to create extraordinary space. Whatever the nature of your product, Wilson Partitions systems can be adapted to create a uniquely satisfying interior living space.

The designs of our interior aluminum products play a fundamental role in achieving lasting quality. At Wilson Partitions, design and building are completely integrated in many critical ways. Our wide varieties of systems allow you to create elements of design in respect to your needs.

A trademark of Wilson Partitions systems is a blend of functional and engineering grace with highly refined craftsmanship. This means you get a system that integrates beautifully into your projects.


Aesthetically, Wilson Partitions provides a classic, elemental modernism, which can be calibrated in color and finish. This allows you to build beautiful interiors with details that add to the quality of your project.

The use of aluminum implies strength and durability. Aluminum structures can weigh anywhere from 35% to as much as 80% less than steel, yet provide equivalent strength.


Wilson Partitions products are good from the start. The quality of craftsmanship in each Wilson Partitions system comes from an uncompromising relationship between material and impeccable fabrication methodology.

Each Wilson Partitions system is made to order. Fabrication is led by a team of skilled workers who can produce quality products to fit your specifications.

To ensure all elements of the system have been produced to specification and to our high quality standards, all stages of production are checked for by quality control.


Once your order is complete, a member of our delivery team will contact you to confirm the details necessary to coordinate a smooth delivery. We will arrange and supervise the delivery of your order directly to your site, wherever you are. At your discretion, any orders can be made available for pick-up.


Wilson Partitions system is optimized for ease of installation by any professional glazing contractor. Installation instructions are easily available online or can be sent to you with your order, if you prefer.


Wilson Partitions service doesn't end with installation. We offer a guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship for all of our products. Maintenance and cleaning instructions are available online. And, of course, we are always available to provide specific technical and care information via our customer service line.


If you are interested in a Wilson Partitions system, call or email us and we will help you work through the process of determining what you need. Existing customers can use our Quick Quote form and fax your requests for quotes.