MR Credit 5.2: Regional Materials, 10% Extracted and Manufactured Regionally

1 Point


Increase demand for building materials and products that are extracted and manufactured within the region, thereby supporting the regional economy and reducing the environmental impacts resulting from transportation.


In addition to the requirements of MR 5.1, use a minimum of 10% of the combined value of construction and Division 12 (Furniture) materials and products extracted, harvested or recovered, as well as manufactured, within 500 miles of the project.


Provide the LEED Letter Template, signed by the architect, interior designer, owner or other responsible party, declaring that the credit requirements have been met. Include calculations demonstrating that the project incorporates the required percentage of regionally extracted and manufactured materials/products and showing their cost, percentage of regional components, distance from project to the points of extraction and manufacture, and the total cost of all materials for the project.